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With these vinyards tours we want introduce to you the best wine producers in the area. Not far from Rome, deep into the countryside, we have several wine makers who contribute with their products to the enrichment of Italian wine history. The chosen areas are Piglio and Frascati, where the DOCG Cesanese and Frascati are born. Cesanese and Frascati are our local best wines, we will visit the vinyards, meet the producers and look into their job directly, discovering how to make a great wine like theirs.


With this vinyard tour we’ll visit Piglio and Anagni area, as the main scenery, and one of the best wineries. You will see with your own eyes how difficult can be the process to prepare good wine. The tour will continue with a broadly tasting of their products, such wine and local delicacies. Later on, we’ll visit Anagni city and we’ll eat in a local restaurant. You will have a full 4 course meal, enjoying countryside rare specialities.

  • 7 hours

  • minimum 4 persons

  • Termini, Via Giolitti

  • From 85 €



The tour will take us to the territory of Frascati, homeland of the well known Frascati wine. The main purpose of the tour is to visit one of the most famous wineries in the area. We will dive into these amazing vineyards, tasting their specialties and discovering how to make a good Frascati wine.

  • 4 hours.

  • minimum 4 persons

  • Metro Colosseo Linea B

  • From 40 €