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In the heart of the city, on this food tour, you will discover the best local delicacies. The food market inside the Termini station is one of the places where the various regional and Italian culinary cultures merge. Here you can find the best brands of street food, catering, and even wine. In this visit we compare the most famous  dishes of our tradition with those of today. Everything will be accompanied by a wine tasting of the best local wines.

Termini food market

In this new and fancy market you choose what you eat, we will provide different choices between local specialties, like pasta, pizza, street food, main dishes and even desserts. The area is a large food court. They even have a great wine list. We’ll be pairing the wine with food, explaining you the basics of enology, wine tasting and pairing.

  • 1/2  ore.

  • min 4 max 15

  • Termini Piazza dei Cinquecento

  • € Da definire