We want to entertain you, relax and enrich your days with good wine and history.

What about us? We are a group of young people that shares the same love for history, arts and good wine. With this Association we would like to promote our region. Rome does not need presentation, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world; this primacy, also, involves responsibilities for its citizens. Do you want to see Rome with the help of a local? With the help of specialized tourist guides, you will see and understand Rome at its best.

In ancient Rome, culinary art, food and wine have always been important. We’ve been drinking wine since ancient times. You’ll be immersed in nature, history and culture of this beautiful region, where new and old wine producers improve their products every year. We’ll taste wines, eat local specialities and visit the wineyards. We will also walk among the most beautiful and ancient markets of the capital.

These are our services, which we are gradually enriching. Subscribe to our newsletter or our feeds:

  • Guided tours of the city’s best monuments.

  • Guided tours of the best Roman squares.

  • Guided tours with wine tasting.

  • Food and wine Tours.

  • Wine tastings in the best wine bar of the capital.

  • Visits / tastings of the best cellars in the area.


We are all passionate about art, culture and good wine. We are specialized in these fields, with us you will learn, discover and and enjoy yourself.


Daniele Spinosa, born in Rome, has a unique passion for foreign languages, who know living abroad in different countries for several years. Languages and theirs  cultures, are well linked with the art of wine. As a Sommelier, he loves wines, and he is always looking for new perfumes, tastes and new bottles to open.


Massimo Andreuccioli, is born in Rome.He is an enthusiast of gastronomic culture, Sommelier, has been working for more than fifteen years in the wine and catering sector.
Author of the book “Animal Origin” edited by Go-Ware editions.
“My goal?
Introduce good wine and good food to those who come to visit Italy. nasce e vive a Roma”.


Claudia Di Bello , is born in Rome and lives in Marino. She loves art, history and knows Rome perfectly. She graduates in medieval art history and then obtains the tour guide national license. She is our official guide with more than 10 year experience. His passion brings her to discover new sites, monuments and stories to tell. She loves good wine, cooking and everything that concerns the table.


Flavio Rigoni, born and lives in Rome. The youngest of the association. His passion for languages ​​leads him to graduating in Chinese. Great technology enthusiast, is our expert in the field. His extreme curiosity directed him towards the world of wine, making him an expert. His jovial character will accompany you in our activities.